September  2002 Featured items

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1    Arthur Alexander "You Better Move On" on  Dot 16309 Arthur Alexander - You Better Move On - SoundClip

ID # 4906  VG+  $ 20.00

Here's an often overlooked, highly underrated masterpiece from 1962. I remember being the only one I knew who liked this song back then and I did buy a copy but it got lost along with several hundred other records that I bought as a teenager in the 60's. I finally managed to find two copies in decent shape - so I now have it in my personal collection again and this one is for sale. Slightly off-beat, beautiful R&B from the early 60's


Arthur Alexander - You Better Move On image

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2    The Majestics: "Strange World" on Linda 111 Majestics - Strange World - Linda111 sound clip

ID # 11878   EX  $95.00 

I can't honestly say that I remember this one from back in 1963, don't know if it even charted.. I'm not even sure how to classify it - R&B? Doo-Wop? Soul? But I do know that it is rare and beautiful. If you never heard it either click on the speaker icon for about 30 seconds worth of pure pleasure.

     Majestics - Strange World - Linda 111 image

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3    The Hippies: "Memory Lane" on Parkway 863   Hippies - Memory Lane - Sound Clip

ID # 4510   VG++ $ 18.00 *SOLD*

The Hippies, aka The Tams, aka The Stereos - this group had more names than they did hit records. This group as the Stereos first released "Memory Lane" in 1959 on the Mink label, reissued it again on the Mink label later in 1959 as the Tams. A few years later, in 1963 it was issued again by the Tams on the Parkway label , and yet again in 1963 as the Hippies. It was a fairly successful local hit in the Philadelphia area but only made it to position 63 on the national charts. It is one of my all time favorites and brings back a lot of fond memories. Here's to 1963, thanks for the memories Ginger.

  The Hippies - Memory Lane - Parkway 863 image

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4    The Magnificent Four -"The Closer You Are" on Blast 210 The Magnificent Four - The Closer You Are - Sound Clip

ID # 10806   EX+   $37.50

The Magnificent Four do a magnificent job with their 1963 re-make in their own style of the classic doo-wop "The Closer You Are". This is an upbeat fast version that rarely gets played on the major oldies stations. It's not extremely rare, but neither is it common - unusual to find in this great condition since Blast is one of those painted on labels that are subject to rapid wear and fading.

The Magnificent Four -"The Closer You Are" on Blast 210 - image  

*****     *****     *****

5    The Channels: "The Closer You Are" on Whirlin Disc 1035   The Channels: "The Closer You Are" on Whirlin Disc 1035 - sound clip

ID # 286  VG  $9.50  *SOLD*

The Channels - here's the original version written by Earl Lewis, lead singer for the Channels. This is done in the traditional street corner harmony style. The original first issue was on Whirlin' Disc 100 in 1956, this copy is a later (early 60's) reissue on Whirlin' Disc 1035, not nearly as rare or valuable. It was also released in 1959 on the Port label (#70014). I do have copies of that label available also.

The Channels: "The Closer You Are" on Whirlin Disc 1035 image 

*****     *****     *****

6    The Fiestas: "So Fine" on Old Town 1062 The Fiestas: "So Fine" on Old Town 1062 - Sound clip

ID # 10837   NM   $22.50

This record is "So Fine" by The Fiestas - a big hit back in 1958 when I was just starting to pay attention to music. I often get it confused with "You're So Fine" by The Falcons so I thought I would feature both of them here this month. A great example of late 50's group harmony, here's a chance to add a NM copy to your collection.

The Fiestas: "So Fine" on Old Town 1062 - image

*****     *****     *****

7    The Falcons: "You're So Fine" on Unart 2013 The Falcons: "You're So Fine" on Unart 2013 -Sound Clip

ID # 4801   VG   $17.50

The Falcons with another 'fine' record from the late 50's. This copy is starting to show its age a little, but it still looks pretty good and has lots of play left in those old grooves.

The Falcons: "You're So Fine" on Unart 2013 - image 


8    The Volumes: "The Bell" The Volumes: "The Bell" - Sound Clip b/w "Come Back Into My Heart" The Volumes "Come Back Into My Heart" - Sound Clipon Chex 1005

ID # 12391   VG+   $22.50

The Volumes - one of my favorite groups. Here one of their records that has two great sides. "The Bell" a soft, slow sweet ballad backed with "Come Back Into My Heart", a rockin' doo-wop. Listen to them both and enjoy.

The Volumes: "The Bell" - image   The Volumes - "Come Back Into My Heart" - image

*****     *****     *****

9    The Volumes: "Sandra" The Volumes "Sandra" - Sound Clip b/w "  "Teenage Paradise" The Volumes "Teenage Paradise" - Sound Clipon Jubilee 5446

ID # 12390  VG+  $50.00

The Volumes again - seems like almost everything they do is great on both sides. I don't think this one made it to the 'top 40' charts, and it certainly doesn't get much air play these days. Here is your chance to own this fine rare White Label Promo copy.


The Volumes "Sandra" - image    The Volumes "Teenage Paradise" - image


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I will be adding more pages like this as time permits, I would like to have a new one each month, but  it is very time consuming.

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