45 rpm vinyl records for sale.

45 - rpm

The heart and soul of rock and roll is forever stamped in vinyl that spins at 45rpm.

As of  June 06, 2021 I have listed over 25.600 of those oldies here, with 10,375 of them still available. The best music of all styles - Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B, Doo Wop, Punk, Heavy Metal  and some Country are all available here on 45rpm vinyl records. I try to add records to this site as often as I can.  If you don't see what you are looking for today, then check back in a week or two or three, you are bound to find something nice for your jukebox or vinyl collection.  There are also about 550  LP's . Please take a look - lots of good old favorites at reasonable prices - more than half of the LP's are priced at $3.50 or LESS.

To make finding and ordering your favorite music faster and easier I have installed a Searchable Database and Shopping Cart. You will be able to search my database by artist  or by song title. The "shopping cart" is not a true e-commerce type cart, it will not ask you for credit card information, it does not do billing. It simply prepares a list of the records that you want to order, adds up the price of the order, lets you review and print the order - then sends a copy to me, please do not send any type of payment until you receive an invoice from me.

* There is no personal data, Credit card numbers or E-mal address stored on this  Site *

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

R. W. (Bill) McGettigan

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March 1947 - February 2006  Founder of 45-RPM.com


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The DATA BASE updated on June 06, 2021

I added 103 'new' records to the database in June, 2020

I added new LP's to the database in MARCH, 2009

The FEATURES page was updated on 15 SEPTEMBER, 2002.

E-Mail: info@45-rpm.com


To place an order just make your selections from the search pages, then go to "Check Out", fill in the form and click the "Place Order" button. Or you can still do it the old way by sending email to info@45-rpm.com . Use ID # and at least the artist, you can type it in or cut and paste from the site. When I get your email, I will verify that the records you want are in stock and available. The STATUS column on the site is better than 98% accurate but not perfect. I will pull the records and prepare them for shipment. I place them on HOLD for you and confirm prices with shipping and handling charges.

Then you send payment to:

Dan McGettigan
183 Diane Ave
Hatboro, PA  19040

Payment can be made by cash, check, money order or credit card via PayPal. All payments must be made in US Dollars. Records may be held until check clears my bank, usually 5 business days. Payment by cash is discouraged and strictly at your own risk. The fastest, easiest, cheapest way to pay is by credit card using PayPal.

    *I will quote you exact S&H charges when your order is placed.

Continental U.S.[ ESTIMATED]

Orders under $ 50.00:

1 or 2 Records      $7.50 Priority Mail                $4.50 Media Mail
3 to 6 Records      $8.50 Priority Mail                $5.50 Media Mail
13 to 20 Records  $9.50 Priority Mail                $6.50 Media Mail

Orders for 45 RPM records totaling over $ 50.00 - Free Shipping (Media Mail)
Orders under $ 50.00:


Orders for 45 RPM records totaling over $ 50.00 - Get $6.50 Discount

International shipping & handling charges will be quoted in the invoice


AVBL      Available for sale (blank also means available)
HOLD     On hold - record has been ordered but not paid for yet
SOLD      Record has been recently sold.
NFS         Not For Sale
EBAY      Item is up for auction at eBAY.com


VIO        Visually Inspected Only  
WOL        Writing On Label

SOL        Sticker On Label
SOC        Sticker on Cover or Sleeve
TOL        Tear/Tape On Label
BB         Small "BB" hole drilled in label section of record
XOL        Large "X" on label
NAP        Not Affecting Play
NR         Large "NR" stamped on label
PROMO      Promotional copy - DJ Copy - Radio Station Copy etc.
PS or W/PS Picture Sleeve included with Vinyl Record
PS-ONLY    Picture Sleeve Only - no Vinyl Record


Grading scale

M    Mint Never used on my site 

NM   Near Mint (no visible faults)

NM-    I think I see a fault

EX+  there is some minor issue 

EX   multiple minor issues

VG+  surface issues with no or minor audio faults

VG   surface issues with audio issues that are more then minimum

VG-  issues that causes audio noise such as tic's, static or distortion

G    records that play through with heavy noise

G-   a collection filler (looks ugly and plays ugly)

XX   record has a major fault and is usually free with a purchase

I may use additional '+' to indicate a record that could possibly be in the next higher grade.

I HAND clean all records that I add to the data base before I enter them (some older (lower) numbered records may not have been cleaned).

I will play the A side on all records and sometimes the B side. [Unless it has the VIO comment].

I tend to weigh the grading of a record to its audio quality. The test system consist of a Kenwood 8010 AMP/Receiver, Technnics SL-02 turntable, a pair of Altec Lansing model 14 speakers.